Rainbow All Year Round Door Wreath

Shipping time: 1-3 working days

This brightly coloured felt ball wreath is made of approximately 400 wool felt balls, all attached in place by hand by me.

Comes with a secure and contemporary leather loop for easy hanging. 

Sizing: LARGE - 40cm (approx 15.5 inches) in diameter.

The back of the wreath is covered in soft but durable wool mix felt (in case you'd like to hang it somewhere that the back can be seen!).

Due to it's contemporary look, this wreath would look lovely against a wooden door and can be displayed throughout the year. The felt balls add texture and warmth to your home. The texture of the wool felt balls makes the wreath very tactile and all your house visitors will be likely to comment about it!

This is essentially an indoor door wreath (doesn't need to be a door, can be hung anywhere in the house, where it can be freely admired). You may hang it outside but it really needs to be a sheltered spot, away from all the weather elements.

Upkeep: just dust it lightly and occasionally give it a brush with a sticky clothes roller. 


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