Cool Kids Garland

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This nursery garland is made of contemporary mix of greys and chartreuse. On a closer inspections it has pure white, gunmetal grey, deepest navy and zingy chartreuse. All these colours compliment each other beautifully and would look super fab in a modern nursery or bedroom.

You can use this pom pom garland many ways:

- Drape the garland over the window frame, bookshelf, large poster or hang it across the wall like a bunting.
- Cheer up your kitchen or dining room by hanging the garland across the wall or draping across the heirloom dresser.
- Use it for birthday party, hang multiple strands across the wall or over the table cover.
- Baby shower decor - accessorise the venue with baby pinks or baby blues
- 1st birthday or Cake Smash photo shoots, garland or two would look very cute as the backdrop.
- Wool felt ball garland also make a great gift for new parents.

This bright felt ball garland comes in FIVE lengths (all approximate):

1.5m (5ft) includes 25 felt balls

3m (10ft) includes 50 felt balls

5m (16.4ft) includes 70 felt balls

6m (20 ft) includes 80 felt balls

8m (26.3ft) includes 100 felt balls 

The wool felt balls are strung together with a strong, black cord. Both ends have a secure loop for easy hanging. All the felt balls can be freely moved in to their desired position. Just tug them gently to space them out.


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