Cosy Autumn Garland

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This cosy autumn garland is made of warm and earthy tones of burgundy, sage, ochre, silver blue and natural white. 

Imagine how it would look draped across the bookshelves or mantelpiece. The garland would  make a fabulous thanksgiving accent over the fireplace and be used year after year.  

This pom pom garland is made of generous amount of soft and squishy wool felt balls on strong, waxed grey cord. It has loops for easy hanging on both ends. All the felt balls can be freely moved into their desired position. Just tug them gently to move them along the cord. Each felt ball is approximately 2.3cm in size (about 1 inch). 

This cosy felt ball garland comes in FIVE lengths (all approximate):

1.5m (5ft) includes 25 felt balls

3m (10ft) includes 50 felt balls

5m (16.4ft) includes 70 felt balls

6m (20 ft) includes 80 felt balls

8m (26.3ft) includes 100 felt balls 


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